What is Yoga

by akshay chouhan on July 15, 2019
The word 'yoga' Screed language 'yaju 'It is made of metal The meaning of 'Milan' or 'add' it happens . It is the body, mind and soul Can be seen as a plan and It is used in the form of instruments along with the target in literature. aim As Yoga reflects the 'integration of personality' at the highest level. Form of instrument In yoga, various processes and techniques are included, which are To get the work done.

Importance of YOGA

Good health is the right of every man. But This person is personal, social And depending on environmental factors. Molecularly environmental or social Along with the factors, we have a better immune system Develop your understanding and understanding So that the other conditions on us are multi Do not put more adverse effects Get and we can get good health.

Health is a positive concept. Positive Health Only From Diseases
Not only does it have to be, but it also has immunity against specific factors and diseases
For the development of an equal amount of general immunity, as well as being healthy
Includes energetic unbuttonous Yoga is an important factor for this.
Can play
Because there is a tremendous potential in it.
Yoga, the most powerful medicinal system of treatment
One of the trio is. Of health
It has its own concept, which is multi
The people have understood scientifically and
Have been praised. Yoga to boost your physical and mental health
Can be adopted in the form of lifestyle. If yoga starts at the school level
By doing
Given good health habits and good health to get good health
The forest style
Will help in setting up.
Help in the development of yoga force, tolerance, capacity and high energy at the physical level
Does it This person has advanced mentality at the mental level,
No more
With tone
Also makes empowered, which is more and more
Provides relevant content. Like this
Yoga targets at school level, physical, mental and emotional health of children
It is to encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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